Hardwood Timber

We specialize in shipping container load quantities of African hardwoods including but not limited to Sapele, utile and wenge wood

Wenge Wood

This dynamic species combines sleek good looks with exceptional physical durability. This is a very hard, heavy and durable timber, making it perfect for flooring; it’s also naturally resistant to termite attack.

Sapele Wood

Sapele is cherished for its visual likeness to mahogany, and is often used as a substitute. In fact, it’s often referred to as ‘sapele mahogany’. This timber darkens with age, usually starting off as a pale yellow but eventually becoming an alluring reddish-brown.

Utile Wood

Another of the African redwoods, like Sapele, Utile is revered for its likeness to mahogany. Indeed, the species shares a number of aesthetic and technical similarities — reddish-brown with purple hues, and very good durability.